dds auth

Group command for creating and managing authenticated sessions (valid for 7 days).

Authenticate yourself once and run multiple commands within a certain amount of time without specifying your user credentials. If you do not authenticate yourself and start a new session, you will need to provide your DDS username when running the other commands.

All subcommands are usable by all user roles.

dds auth [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Display information about ongoing authenticated session.

Information displayed:
- If the token is about to expire
- Time of token expiration
dds auth info [OPTIONS]


Start or renew an authenticated session.

Creates or renews the authentication token stored in the ‘.dds_cli_token’ file.

Run this command before running the cli in a non-interactive fashion as this enables the longest possible session time before a password needs to be entered again.

The permissions of tokens cannot be changed after the tokens are established. If you began an authenticated session without the use of the –allow-group option, but want to use it in a new session, use ‘dds auth logout’ to end the current session. Then use the –allow-group option and start a new session. This also applies to the reverse.

dds auth login [OPTIONS]


--totp <one-time code>

One-time code from Authenticator app. Can only be used if the two factor authentication method has been configured to ‘Authenticator App’. Keep in mind that authentication must take less than 30 seconds for this option to work.


[Not recommended, use with care] Allow read permissions to group. Sets 640 permission instead of 600, allowing others to access your authenticated session token.


End authenticated session.

Removes the saved authentication token by deleting the ‘.dds_cli_token’ file.

dds auth logout [OPTIONS]


Group command for configuring and deactivating methods of two factor authentication.

dds auth twofactor [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Configure your preferred method of two-factor authentication.

dds auth twofactor configure [OPTIONS]


[Super Admins only] Deactivate another users TOTP.

dds auth twofactor deactivate [OPTIONS]


-u, --username <username>

Required The user you wish to deactivate TOTP for.