2.6.2 - 2023-02-13

  • Dependencies:
    • jwcrypto from 1.4.2 to 1.5.1

2.6.1 - 2023-12-20

  • Dependencies:
    • cryptography from 41.0.3 to 41.0.6

2.6.0 - 2023-10-25

  • dds data put updated: If files uploaded successfully, but there are issues with saving the info to the database, the system performs a final bulk attempt.

2.5.2 - 2023-10-25

  • Updated command: dds project status delete/archive now prints project information and asks for confirmation from user.

  • “Checksum verification successful” is not printed when file integrity is verified (unless -v option is used); Only prints if there is an error.

  • New command dds project status extend: Unit Admins / Personnel can extend the project deadline prior to the project expiring.

2.5.1 - 2023-09-25

  • Super Admins only:
    • New command: dds maintenance status to check if maintenance mode is on or off

    • Updated command: dds stats now prints two separate tables with the stats collected from the API

  • Dependencies:
    • requests from 2.28.1 to 2.31.0

  • Documentation:
    • Generation of PDF format fixed

2.5.0 - 2023-08-29

  • Dependencies:
    • cryptography from 38.0.3 to 41.0.3
      • Removed use of peer_public_key keyword argument in exchange (generation of shared key)

    • PyYAML from 6.0 to 6.0.1

    • Werkzeug (tests) from 2.1.2 to 2.2.3

  • New message when invalid response from API

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE (will return 404): New option in command dds user ls: –save-emails. Only available to Super Admins to allow them to easily email users with account roles ‘Unit Admin’ and ‘Unit Personnel’.

2.2.65 - 2023-05-26

2.2.64 - 2023-04-26

  • New command for checking a few statistics in the DDS.

  • Removed debug-level logging.

  • New documentation:
    • How to set environment variables in Windows.

    • Recommendations regarding password management.

2.2.63 - 2023-03-13

  • Added this version changelog to the documentation.

  • Reduced debug-level logging.

  • Fixed bugs:
    • Errors during upload makes client return exit code 1.

    • UnicodeEncodeError is caught and displays an understandable message if an invalid special character is used during authentication. Note that the original issue lies in that the registration allows the ‘invalid’ characters; This is being fixed on the API side as we speak.

  • Clarified error / warning messages printed out after upload issues: The dds_failed_delivery.json file should not be deleted.

2.2.62 - 2023-02-10

  • Fixed an error in generation of executable for Windows.

2.2.61 - 2023-02-10

  • New executable for Ubuntu 20.04. Latest Ubuntu is 22.04.

  • Updated security scanning.

2.2.6 - 2023-02-01

  • Add security scanning of code.

  • Publish CLI to TestPyPi during development: dds-cli

  • Added new instructions for testing instance of the DDS.

2.2.5 - 2023-01-05

  • Updated documentation and added examples.

2.2.4 - 2022-12-15

  • Vulnerability: jwcrypto bumped from 1.4 to 1.4.2

  • Changed command: dds project info to dds project info display

  • New command to allow changes to project title, description and PI: dds project info change.

2.2.3 - 2022-11-29

  • Fixed bug (Windows): Backslashes were causing issues with listing and downloading project contents.

2.2.2 - 2022-11-17

  • New --destination option for upload command: dds data put --destination [destination] will upload data to remote directory called “[destination]”

  • New command for displaying project information: dds project info

  • Fixed bug: Requests taking too long and timing out should display an understandable message.

  • Added check in download command: User must use either --get-all to download all project contents or --source to specify specific data paths.

  • Vulnerability: cryptography bumped from 38.0.1 to 38.0.3.

  • Clarified “How do I get my user account” section in documentation.

  • Included automatically generated code examples by rich-codex

Earlier versions

Please see the release page on GitHub for detailed information about the changes in each release.