dds user

Group command for managing user accounts, including your own.

dds user [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Activate/Reactivate user accounts.

[Super Admins and Unit Admins only]
Super Admins: All users
Unit Admins: Unit Admins / Personnel
dds user activate [OPTIONS] [EMAIL]



Required argument


Invite a new user to the DDS or add an existing one to a hosted project.

Not available for Researchers, unless they are marked as Project Owner for a specific project.

Invite new user:
- Email
- Role
Add user to project:
- Email
- Project ID (dds ls)
- Role: Researcher / Project Owner only in this case.
Unit Admins / Personnel are automatically added to all projects within that specific unit.
If the user doesn’t exist in the system yet, an invitation email will be sent automatically
to that person.
dds user add [OPTIONS] [EMAIL]


-p, --project <project>

Existing Project you want the user to be associated to.

-r, --role <role>

Required Type of account. To include a space in the chosen role, use quotes (e.g. “Unit Personnel”) or escape the space (e.g. UnitPersonnel)


Super Admin | Unit Admin | Unit Personnel | Project Owner | Researcher

--unit <unit>

[Super Admins only] To specify which unit the user should belong to.


Do not send e-mail notifications regarding project updates.



Required argument


Deactivate user accounts in the Data Delivery System.

[Super Admins and Unit Admins only]
Super Admins: All users
Unit Admins: Unit Admins / Personnel
dds user deactivate [OPTIONS] [EMAIL]



Required argument


Delete user accounts from the Data Delivery System.

Use this command with caution. Deletion of accounts cannot be undone.

To request the removal of your own account, use the –self flag without any arguments. An e-mail will be sent to you asking to confirm the deletion.

If you have sufficient admin privileges, you may also delete the accounts of some other users. Specify the e-mail address as argument to the main command to initiate the removal process.

Deleting a user will not delete any data.

Super Admins: All users.
Unit Admins: Unit Admins / Personnel. Not Researchers since they can be involved in projects
connected to other units.
dds user delete [OPTIONS] [EMAIL]



Request deletion of own account.


Delete an ongoing and unanswered invite.



Optional argument


Check if a username is registered to an account in the DDS.

dds user find [OPTIONS]


-u, --username <username>

Required [Super Admins only] The username of the account you want to check.


Display information connected to your own DDS account.

Usable by all user roles.

The following information should be displayed:
- Username
- Role
- Name
- Primary email
- Associated emails (not useful yet)
dds user info [OPTIONS]


List Unit Admins and Personnel connected to a specific unit.

Super Admins:
- Required to specify a public unit ID.
- Can list users within all units.
- Can save list of user emails.
Unit Admins / Personnel:
- Any unit specified with –unit will be ignored.
- You can only list users connected to your specific unit.
dds user ls [OPTIONS]


-u, --unit <unit>

[Super Admins only] The unit which you wish to list the users in.


List all current invitations.


[Super Admins only] Save user emails.